We're glad you decided to explore the Pace University/NACTEL programs a little further. Below is a step-by-step guide to take you through the application process.

Step One: Before You Apply

Before you apply, there are a few pieces of information you may want to gather to help you complete the application quickly. You should also take this time to understand your company's tuition assistance policies.

Step Two: Apply

Then you'll access and complete the Application online.

Step Three: Advisement

When Pace has received both the completed application and all official transcripts, your information will be reviewed. Once the evaluation of your transcripts is complete, you will then be advised by your Pace Advisor.

Step Four: Register for Classes

Once advised, you will be able to register for classes. As soon as you register, be sure to purchase your books right away. Simply visit our online Bookstore and select the courses you are taking.

Step Five: Arrange for Payment

Before classes begin, Pace University must receive payment for the courses you are taking. Payment can be made either directly by you, or by voucher or letter of credit issued by your company. This will depend on the Tuition Assistance policies of your company. Complete the Tuition Information Request Form to receive a detailed breakdown of tuition costs and contact information for Tuition Assistance policies within your company.

For information on paying by check, credit card or company voucher/letter of credit, visit the payment section of this site.

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