The following is a general calendar including important dates for Pace University/NACTEL students. To view more detailed, semester-specific calendars, please select the appropriate semester below.

Please note: Applications for new students are accepted at any time during the year. Visit the Admissions area to learn more.

Early Spring 2019
Late Spring 2019
Summer 2019

  Event   Date
  Summer 2019 New Student Registration Ends   04/24/2019
  Late Spring 2019 Semester Ends   05/01/2019
  Summer 2019 Returning Student Registration Ends   05/01/2019
  Summer 2019 Semester Begins   05/16/2019
  Summer 2019 Notarized Proctor Application Due   05/24/2019
  Memorial Day (University Closed)   05/27/2019
  Independence Day Holiday (University Closed)   07/04/2019
  Summer 2019 Semester Ends   08/07/2019

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