Program Information

Most of the students in the Bachelor of Science in Professional Technology are working for corporations in the telecommunications business sector. Their goal is to complete their bachelor's degree program and ultimately gain the credentials and knowledge necessary to be promoted within their own companies or to move to another employer in the industry.

The students in this Accelerated Bachelor Degree Program are adults who:

  • Are unable to attend traditional on-campus, regularly scheduled classes
  • Have experience in the workplace
  • Have an Associate's Degree or the equivalent number of credits
  • Are motivated to learn in an online environment

Specifically, the Bachelor of Science Professional Technology degree strives to:

  • Provide a strong foundation in the technical and non-technical aspects of emerging telecommunications technologies
  • Establish an understanding of technology management
  • Develop skills to work effectively with the Internet and to create Business Technology Leadership skills (in the BS BTL Track)
  • Refine the ability to work on teams to solve problems
  • Use innovative technology to manage projects and establish cost projections
  • Prepare graduates for the development of effective interpersonal relationships in organizations including: superior-subordinate relationships, formal and informal group interactions, interpersonal and intergroup conflict, motivation and job satisfaction
  • Develop an understanding of the theory and practice of effective communication between individuals from diverse domestic and international cultures.
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