September 11, 2009

Dr. Richard Kline with student

Constance Knapp, Interim Dean of the Seidenberg School, recently announced the appointment of Richard "Rick" Kline, associate professor of computer science, to a recently reinstituted associate deanship based in New York City. The appointment became effective on August 1, 2009.

As Associate Dean, Dr. Kline will focus on three main areas: cultivating interdisciplinary partnerships within the school and between the school and the other schools and college within Pace; working with faculty to identify appropriate funding opportunities; and coordinating the academic schedule in collaboration with the departments to better serve the school and its students.

According to Interim Dean Knapp, the experience Dr. Kline has acquired since joining the Seidenberg School in 2001 makes him "uniquely suited for this position." He has worked as a member of the interdisciplinary team that developed the Pace Academy for Applied Environmental Study, the first University "center of excellence" as outlined in President Stephen Friedman's Strategic Plan; served as a National Science Foundation panel reviewer in five out of the last seven years; and brings a level of expertise toward grant writing that will help Seidenberg achieve even greater success in the area of external funding.

Upon learning of his appointment, Dr. Kline said, "I am very pleased to be able to serve the Seidenberg School and our students in this new role. I look forward to assisting our faculty in developing exciting new program offerings, in further integrating our school's expertise into the Pace student experience, and in expanding learning and research opportunities for our students majoring in computing disciplines. Our school has a great deal to offer, and I am enthusiastic about working with Dr. Knapp toward these goals."

The reinstitution of this position is part of an overall restructuring of the school as initiated by Interim Dean Knapp. Another change taking effect as of September 1 is the the merger of the Technology Systems faculty with the Information Systems faculty to create new Information Technology departments on both the New York City and Westchester campuses.