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Credits: 4


This course will introduce the students to a broad range of telecommunications concepts covering the wired and wireless environment. This covers the fundamentals of sound, the OSI model, carrier networks, TCP/IP and Internet basics. We will also introduce the concepts of big data and cloud computing along with the growing impact of Voice Over IP (VoIP) in business, personal, and carrier environment. Basic radio and wireless concepts will be introduced. In addition, cyber security and impacts to the wired/wireless networks will be discussed.

Goals and Objectives

·         Understand the seven layers of the OSI model

·         Define and explore Networking, routers, and TCP/IP

·         Explore Broadband and fiber optical cabling, and carrier network design

·         Discuss fundamental radio systems and wireless propagation

·         Provide understanding of current wireless networking techniques

·         Have a basic understanding of big data, cloud computing, and data analytics 

  • TS090C   Academic Skills Seminar

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