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Credits: 1


SPRING 2019:  (6 weeks) This course will run from January 17th to February 27, 2019.

Advanced Computer Applications for Access takes students deeper into Microsoft Office Access than the Computer Applications for Telecommunications course did. In order to take this course, students must have completed Computer Applications for Telecommunications (or successfully completed the proficiency exam).


To participate, students must have access to a personal computer and Microsoft Office 2016 Access. No substitutions for this application (such as Microsoft Works) will be permitted. Please see that you have the Professional version of Microsoft Office 2016 before class begins, as the regular version of Microsoft Office does not contain Access. You MUST have Microsoft Access.


Note: This is one of a series of four Advanced Computer Applications courses.  These courses run for six weeks of the 12 week semester.   The 4-credit course series helps students prepare for the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access  portions of the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) certification exams.

Goals and Objectives
  • To develop proper procedures and concepts necessary to create more advanced databases using Microsoft Access 2016 suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal uses.
  • To demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Access through successful completion of the final section projects.

  • AIT107   Computer Applications

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