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Credits: 4


This is the third course in a sequence of four that covers the field of telecommunications.  Students will study the architecture, implementation and related protocols of the following technologies:


  • Broadband Technologies:  Current and Future IP networks, Backbones and Broadband Access, VoIP and Video Architectures and Transmission Technologies including Cable’s DOCSIS, FTTN, FTTP and Wireless.
  • TCP/IP:  IP protocols, TCP protocols, IP addressing and routing, supporting  protocols and Network Security
  • TCP/IP Applications:  FTP, TELNET, SMTP, SNMP and the WWW
  • Video: Digital Video and transmission including scanning, synchronizing, video compression, color, digital television, IPTV and Video on Demand are covered.

Goals and Objectives

·         To evaluate design options for wide area networks as they pertain to modern broadband, triple-play access, transport and applications.

·         To compare and contrast current communications protocols and methodologies.

·         To develop skills necessary for further study (of a technical nature) in networking technologies such as voice over IP, Internet, and digital television.

·         To develop a solid understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite.

·         To understand the principles of video transmission and digital television technology.

  • AIT233   Wireless LANs
  • AIT235   Telecommunications II / Signal Transmission for Telecommunications

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