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AIT243 Video and Smart Technologies
Semester to be determined

Credits: 4

This course deals with the concepts and applications of digital television.  Emphasis is placed on digital television in the home environment and a thorough study is made of home theater techniques, home entertainment systems, and home automation. Topics to be studied include analog and digital TV, satellite TV, HDTV, IPTV, audio systems, recording systems, gaming systems, and audio and video cabling techniques. 

Goals and Objectives

Upon completing this course the student will acquire knowledge of the theory and concepts of video and smart technologies by:

  • Developing an understanding the underlying theory of Digital TV, Satellite TV, HDTV, Analog TV, IPTV
  • Exploring the use of Local Area Networks and WiFi Networks related to video and smart technologies.
  • Developing an understanding the interrelationship of Home Automation Systems, Home Theater, Audio Systems, Television Systems, Recording Systems, Personal Computer Systems, Gaming Systems and Speaker Systems.
  • Understanding the use of Home entertainment wiring, Home Networking. Cabling Basics, TV and Video System Cabling, Audio System Cabling and Phone System Wiring.

  • AIT109   Global Telecom Essentials

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