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Credits: 3


This course gives a broad overview of corporate computer security and Information Assurance. The course has two parts: Lecture/discussion related to information security basics and a project / laboratory component in which students learn technology related security. Course materials include topics such as types of attacks, hacker techniques, legal and privacy issues, security policy, information security best practices and so on. Students also learn security technologies related to operating systems, Networks and Web, and e-commerce. The course has a strong laboratory component in which students experiment with various practical computer security tools. 

Goals and Objectives

·         Understand the threat environment that we face today

·         Understand how planning and policy support strong security with proper access controls

·         Understand cryptography fundamentals and apply them towards secure networks.

·         Be able to discuss firewalls, host hardening and application security at a fundamental level

·         Understand how to protect data and respond to incident and disaster situations


You will need to purchase a discounted copy of Security Pro+ from Testout for this class. We will use portions of it for labs and additional materials. This is a WEB based package and does not require you to install any software on your system.



$89           Security Pro (also covers Security+)         ISBN   978-1-935080-44-2


Follow the directions below to order this package.


TestOut Student Direct Orders: 

1 - Visit
2 - Enter Promotion Code 14-232TA at the bottom right of the page:
3 - Select items to purchase and add to shopping cart
4 - Follow shopping cart directions to place your order
5 - When prompted enter school name exactly as Pace University
6 - Follow instructions on the order confirmation screen and /or your emailed invoice for accessing LabSim.

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