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AIT371 Fiber Optics
Semester to be determined

Credits: 4


The telecommunications network has been evolving from one that is electronic in nature to an electro-optical networking system.  Fiber optics technology is playing a major role in this evolution.  In addition, further developments are expected to result in an all-optical core network with the highest transmission speeds.  Technicians working in the field will need an understanding of this important subject matter.  This course covers the fundamentals of fiber optics and related optical components.  Additional discussion is given on how these devices are being used in current optical telecommunications networks.  Topics include the physical principles governing optical fiber, fiber optic network architectures, optical switching and routing, and the impact of optical fiber on the telecommunications industry.

Goals and Objectives
  • To explain how different types of optical fiber are used in communications and industry
  • To understand how optical fiber guides light
  • To differentiate between the various types of cabling
  • To perform hands on work with fiber optics components
  • To analyze how light sources and detectors function
  • To research and evaluate the various reasons for the adoption of optical networking in the telecommunications industry

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