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Credits: 4

This course covers the field of video transmission over IP networks by discussing video basics, video and audio compression, encapsulation, packet transport, streaming, media players, and multicasting.  In addition, extensive coverage is given to the study of Internet Protocol Television or IPTV.  The IPTV system model, IPTV technology, digital television, and IPTV in the home are discussed. A hands-on project involving Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is part of the course.

Goals and Objectives

After completing this course, students will have a good understanding of:

Video transport applications
Video transport technologies
Video screen fundamentals
Video compression
Audio compression
IP networking
Video streaming
IPTV system technology
Digital television
IPTV in the home
How to create and edit a short video presentation.

  • AIT111   AC/DC Electrical Circuits
  • AIT170   Telecommunications I / Basic Telephony / Voice Communication
  • AIT233   Wireless LANs
  • AIT235   Telecommunications II / Signal Transmission for Telecommunications
  • BUS150   Contemporary Business Practices
  • MGT250   Managerial and Organization Concepts

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