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Credits: 4


This course examines the basic chemistry of the many materials that we encounter as we go through our lives, from the morning's shampoo to the wine at dinner.  This course emphasizes practical applications of chemistry in order to help you make informed consumer choices.  Practical kitchen-based exercises will help you develop a fuller understanding of how chemistry affects every aspect of your life.

Goals and Objectives

This course is designed to present basic chemical principles to students who have little background and no prior interest in chemistry.  The student will gain a basic understanding of chemical principles and how those principles affect our lives constantly.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Relate chemical principles to everyday life
  • Read labels and understand what the ingredients are
  • Help your children with their science homework
  • Understand the cautions on labels and know why they are there
  • Understand how various medicines work in your body
  • Save money by reading product labels and shopping wisely
  • Know how to write a coherent, convincing lab report.

  • MAT125   Technical Math I

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