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CIS120 Advanced Window Skills
Semester to be determined

Credits: 2


(6 weeks)

This course covers advanced Windows skills that will enable students to succeed in today’s most widely used computing environment.  Topics include mastering the Windows Control Panel; advanced features of Windows Explorer; managing the Windows Desktop; Windows system maintenance including Windows installation and upgrading, backup and restore operations, creating an emergency boot disk; managing hard drive and secondary storage; essential free utilities.

Goals and Objectives

At the end of the course the student will be able to:

Control your computer – The Windows Control Panel

  • Configuring accessibility 0ptions
  • How to add/remove programs
  • Configuring automatic updates
  • Adjusting display settings
  • Setting internet options
  • Setting mouse options
  • Setting and troubleshooting network connections
  • Setting power options
  • Managing security settings
  • Setting system properties
  • Managing user accounts
  • Using Windows Firewall and free alternatives
  • Setting and troubleshooting wireless network connections
  • Using Device Manager

Use Windows Explorer Effectively

  • Creating folders and subfolders
  • Copying and moving files and folders
  • Organizing files and folders
  • Setting Folder and file options -  Ways to view files and folders
  • Use of File extensions
  • Searching for a file or folder

 Use Storage Media Effectively

  • Using USB drives and other removable storage media
  • Copying CDs and DVDs

Manage the Desktop

  • Setting wallpaper
  • Creating desktop folders
  • Creating shortcuts on the desktop

Perform Routine System Maintenance

  • Installing and upgrading Windows
  • Booting in Safe Mode
  • Changing the boot sequence
  • Using Disk Cleanup
  • Using system backup and restore
  • Managing startup programs
  • Creating a system repair/boot disk
  • Using virus and malware cleanup with free utilities
  • Cleaning and backing up the Windows Registry

 Perform Miscellaneous Maintenance

  • Managing the Windows taskbar
  • Installing and caring for a printer
  • Using screen capture and Paint

 Download and Use Essential Free Utilities

  • Adobe reader
  • 7-Zip
  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Zone Alarm
  • AdAware
  • CCleaner

  • AIT107   Computer Applications

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