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CIS122 Advanced Spreadsheet Skills
Semester to be determined

Credits: 2


SPRING 2019:  (6 weeks) This course will run from January 7th to March 14, 2019.

This course covers in-depth the advanced features of spreadsheet programs.  Emphasis is placed on using spreadsheets to solve problems. Topics include: good spreadsheet design, graphing, working with financial tools and analytical functions, automating spreadsheets with macros, exploring what-if alternatives with pivot tables and charts, data tables, Goal Seek, Solver and Scenarios, using database functions, and developing an Excel application. 

Goals and Objectives

Emerging students will be able to:


·         Use Excel in a proficient manner to manage data

o   Navigate easily and efficiently within and between worksheets

o   Correctly enter text, dates, numbers, and formulas into a worksheet

o   Edit a worksheet by deleting and inserting data, changing the size of columns and rows, inserting, moving and renaming worksheets


·         Use Excel to develop professional-looking workbooks for personal and business use

o   Use Excel to enter formulas to perform statistical and financial calculations

o   Use Excel financial, statistical, logical, data and time, database, and lookup and reference functions

o   Work with relative, absolute, and mixed references

o   Format data using appropriate number styles

o   Format text using fonts, borders, and colors

o   Add headers and footers


·         Use Excel Charts to present and analyze data

o   Choose the appropriate chart type

o   Create and modify charts

o   Add and modify drawing objects to charts and worksheets


·         Use Excel to manage lists of data

o   Create and maintain a range list of data

o   Sort and filter data in a list

o   Summarize data in a list

o   Apply conditional formatting

o   Summarize a list with a Pivot Table and a Pivot Chart

·                          Use Excel to work with multiple worksheets and workbooks

o   Create and work with worksheet groups

o   Consolidate information from multiple worksheets using 3-D references

o   Create, store, and access workbook templates

o   Create a link to data in a separate workbook

o   Use lookup tables and lookup functions


·         Develop an Excel application

o   Define cell names and range names

o   Set validation criteria

o   Protect a worksheet and the workbook

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