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Credits: 2


SPRING 2019:  (6 weeks) This course will run from January 7th to March 14, 2019.

A Mac computer is not required for this course. But, it is strongly suggested.

This course covers in-depth look at some of the features of Apple’s OS X El Capitan.  It covers many of the tools and hidden gems in the OS X El Capitan Operating System.  If you’re new to OS X, this course will show you how to use all of the important features on the Mac before explaining how to customize the operating system to suit your specific needs.


Goals and Objectives

Emerging students will be able to:


·         Getting to know the File System

·         Recognize the various file systems supported by OS X

·         Manage disks, partitions, and volumes

·         Troubleshoot and repair partition and volume issues

·         Understanding how to Install Application

·         Install applications from the Mac App Store

·         Understand application support and security issues

·         Use traditional installation methods

·         Understand Network Settings on the Mac

·         Understand fundamental TCP/IP network concepts

·         Configure and monitor basic network settings

·         Connect to a Wi-Fi network

·         Understand the OS X network configuration architecture

·         Manage multiple network locations and service interfaces

·         Configure advanced network settings

·         Understand User Accounts

·         Recognize various user account types and user attributes

·         Create and manage user accounts

·         Adjust login and fast user switching settings

·         Understand user home folder layout and contents

·         Delete users and archive home folder content

·         Migrate and restore a user’s home folder

·         Understanding backup and basic troubleshooting techniques

·         Understand the technology behind Time Machine

·         Configure Time Machine to back up important data

·         Restore data or entire systems from a Time Machine backup

·         Identify and resolve network configuration issues

·         Verify network configuration via Network preferences

·         Understand how to use Network Utility to aid in troubleshooting

·         Understand the OS X startup process

·         Examine essential files and processes required to successfully start up

·         Learn about the carious startup modes used by OS X

·         Troubleshoot the processes used at startup and login




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