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Credits: 4


This course introduces the basic components of a computer, how they are organized, and how they work together under the control of an operating system. Course activities include simulation hardware labs, online research of hardware topics, and discussion of hardware design. This course will introduce the student to basic microcomputer hardware components and will familiarize the student with methods of troubleshooting strategies and maintaining computers. Students will examine theoretical concepts underlying hardware functions, preventative maintenance techniques, safety precautions, system procurement, and upgrades. There will also be some discussion of networking and software as it pertains to hardware functionality. This course will provide a basic foundation for the A+ Certification.

Goals and Objectives

Upon finishing this course, the student will have a firm understanding of the following:


  • The physical structure of the personal computer
  • The functioning of the various personal computer components
  • How to troubleshoot personal computer hardware
  • How to add additional accessories to a personal computer

  • AIT107   Computer Applications
  • AIT111   AC/DC Electrical Circuits
  • MAT125   Technical Math I

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