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CIT241 Database Management
Semester to be determined

Credits: 4


This course provides an introduction to database concepts, SQL, and principles of database design. The major goal is to provide students with an understanding of the basic concepts underlying the use of a database system.  Microsoft Access will be used as a vehicle for illustrating concepts discussed in the course.  Students will design and implement a database application project.  Topics will include:


  • Characteristics of a Database Management System:  Program-data independence, planned data redundancy, data consistency, data integrity, data schema and sub-schema, security of organization data assets, transaction management.
  • The Relational Database Model: Entities and attributes, tables, relational algebra, primary and foreign keys, entity and referential integrity, relational constraints, 
  • Database Design and Normalization:  Data models, business rules, entity-relation diagrams, normalization theory, first, second and third normal forms denormalization.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL):  SQL operations of Select, Join, Unit, Intersect, Difference, Sub-select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create table, Drop table, SQL Views.
  • Database Application Development:  Database application development process, analysis, design, implementation, installation, evaluation, maintenance.
  • Database Administration:  Concept of a database transaction, Role of the DBA, data management security, encryption, database backup and recovery. 

Goals and Objectives

  • AIT107   Computer Applications
  • MAT125   Technical Math I

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