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Credits: 3


This course provides a thorough introduction to perimeter defense fundamentals. Although the primary emphasis is on intrusion detection, the course covers essential practices such as developing security policies and then implementing that policy by performing network address setting up packet filtering, firewalls, and virtual private networks. This course provides the student with a solid foundation in network and web security fundamentals but assumes familiarity with TCP/IP and basic security concepts. 

Goals and Objectives

Course Goals and Objectives:

·         Compare and contrast the different types of network and Internet attacks (CO01)

·         Analyze indications of compromise and determine the type of malware. (CO02)

·         Explain the impact associated with types of vulnerabilities (CO03)

·         Install and configure network components, both hardware- and software-based, to support organizational security (CO04)

·         Explain use cases and purpose for frameworks, best practices and secure configuration guides (CO05)

·         Summarize secure application development and deployment concepts (CO06)

·         Compare and contrast identity and access management concepts (CO07)

·         Explain disaster recovery and business continuity operations concepts (CO08)

  • CIT251   Computer Security Overview

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