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Credits: 4

Every computer forensics examiner must understand the interactions of people with hardware and software. Additionally, knowledge of the law is imperative to the successful conviction of a criminal. This course will detail the legal aspects of computer forensics investigations and evidence admissibility. Students will gain and understanding of the legal documentation required for gaining access to a suspect’s information, like letters of preservations and warrants; also included will be evidence custody and chain of custody forms. Finally, students will experience the intricacies of investigative report writing. A series of case studies will be incorporated into the course to explore reasons why some computer forensics investigations have been highly successful and the pitfalls that caused others to fail.

Goals and Objectives
Analysis: the focus in this course will be on analyzing various file systems to effectively ascertain where evidentiary files exist. Students will utilize professional forensic tools to recreate the events of crimes and determine whether a suspect is innocent or guilty.

Effective Citizenship: students will learn the impact of computer forensics to solving criminal investigations and ultimately assisting the community.

Problem Solving: students will learn to identify both incriminating and exculpatory digital evidence and use that evidence to either defend or prosecute a defendant.

Technology Fluency: the course will teach students how to use technology to facilitate the presentation of digital evidence in a case.

Information Literacy and Research: students will be required to use multiple sources of information to effectively identify the most critical evidence to be used in a criminal case

  • AIT107   Computer Applications
  • AIT233   Wireless LANs
  • AIT235   Telecommunications II / Signal Transmission for Telecommunications
  • BUS150   Contemporary Business Practices
  • ENG120   Critical Writing
  • MGT250   Managerial and Organization Concepts

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