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MAT125 Technical Math I
Semester to be determined

Credits: 4

This course in technical mathematics covers topics in algebra and geometry. Topics include: functions and their graphs, trigonometry, base conversion, logarithms, and binary sequences. A brief review of numbers and basic algebra will lead to a further and more detailed exploration of the aforementioned topics.

Goals and Objectives
  • To develop the mathematical foundation necessary for continued study in the field of telecommunications.
  • To understand the role played by the order of operations and several formulas in simplifying algebraic expressions and solving equations.
  • To learn how to use base conversions for different numeration systems.
  • To apply the appropriate technique for solving various classes of algebraic equations.
  • To identify, graph and perform calculations with various types of functions (polynomial, trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential).
  • To incorporate practical applications of fundamental geometric and trigonometric concepts into everyday working knowledge.
  • To experiment with various software aids (such as Microsoft Excel) in solving problems.
  • To visualize concepts and reflect on their meaning.
  • To approach problems in a systematic, logical way, with enhanced critical thinking abilities.
  • To seek personal relevance and application of the acquired knowledge.

  • TS090C   Academic Skills Seminar

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