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MUS110 Jazz
Semester to be determined

Credits: 4


This class will present an overview of the history of jazz. The major styles and important artists will be introduced through recordings, documentary films, explanatory videos, and readings. It will investigate jazz’s cultural and musical roots, the historical events significantly affecting its development, and trace its journey from myth to right now.

Since this is a music class, the primary and most important class-work will be listening. Musical concepts will be geared to the non-musician, but the best way to learn about jazz is by sharpening your ability to hear it. (This will improve your appreciation of all musical styles—and your overall concentration and awareness as well.)

Goals and Objectives

           To become familiar with the basic shape of Jazz history.

           To acquire a rudimentary understanding of its performance practice.

           To learn how to listen to, and become familiar with, the styles, instruments, and artists.

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