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Credits: 4


The psychological principles and techniques involved in the management of personnel in business and industry. The topics included are hiring techniques, job analysis, training performance appraisal, communications, safety, morale and industrial leadership.

Students are expected weekly to read assigned articles or book chapters, complete written homework assignments, and participate in discussions via the Blackboard Discussion Board. 

Goals and Objectives

To make the student aware of:

1. The practice of I/O psychology as it exists in the current organizational world and how it has evolved since its beginnings. How to differentiate it from other sub fields of psychology, why it is a science and how it benefits individuals and organizations.
2. The methods used by I/O psychologists for selecting, training and developing, appraising and evaluating and rewarding employees.
3. The broader field of organizational psychology including issues of leadership, motivation, job satisfaction, organizational systems, safety, stress and environmental issues.
4. Characteristics of the workplace which affect productivity and satisfaction.
5. Engineering psychology - man/machine issues in the 21st century.

  • AIT107   Computer Applications
  • ENG120   Critical Writing

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