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Credits: 4

This course covers various topics in psychology, including existential theory, transference, psychopathology, adolescent, ethical, and diversity issues.  Students are expected weekly to read assigned articles or book chapters, complete written homework assignments, and participate in discussions via the Blackboard Discussion Board.  

Goals and Objectives

By the end of the semester, students should:

(1) be familiar with the psychological concepts and phenomenon as outlined on the syllabus;

(2) read and understand research on these psychological concepts and phenomenon;

(3) be able to apply the concepts and phenomenon to the characters and dynamics that are portrayed in the films;

(4) think critically about discrepancies between their responses and those of other classmates and the potential origins of those discrepancies;

(5) understand the impact of the values of the society/culture, therapist, and client and the potential impact on the client (i.e., the character).

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