CRN: 73587

Credits : 1


FALL 2020 class will run from:

August 27th through September 9, 2020

(2 weeks)

This two-week course is designed to prepare students to effectively participate in an asynchronous learning environment. You will receive an introduction to Blackboard, the software Pace University uses to deliver courses for this online program, and will learn essential Internet concepts. There are usually several sections of this course available prior to the start of each semester, and you must successfully complete one of these sessions before regular classes begin.

Goals and Objectives

  • To become familiar with essential Internet concepts.
  • To feel comfortable with navigating around the space and place that will support your online learning experience.
  • To be able to use the different features of Blackboard including linked files, quizzes, discussion board, external links and the home page.
  • To use email to communicate with your instructor and classmates.
  • To download, install and use necessary plug-ins and helper programs.

There are no prerequisites.

Course Materials

Course Topics
Online Learning at Pace University with Blackboard   Written assignments, quizzes and discussion board
  • Identify where you may need to concentrate your efforts in getting ready for online learning
  • Use the Blackboard learning management system to download, update and upload assignment files, send emails, participate in discussion forums, check grades, and create a blog
  • Identify any misunderstandings they may have had about online learning
  • Become familiar with the support services available to students
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the proctoring process and locate a proctor
More about online learning  Written assignments, quizzes and discussion board
  • Demonstrate and understanding of the importance of netiquette
  • Create a plan for success in the online learning environment
  • Identify study skills and time management techniques that will help students succeed in the online environment
  • Create a Word document and identify important information about the program

Proctor Information
This course does not require a proctor. However, you can obtain information on the proctoring program by clicking on this link:  Proctoring Program.

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