CRN: 20714

Credits : 4

This course introduces students to passive AC and DC components and covers basic theory and operation of electrical circuits. Computer labs using circuit simulation software labs will give students the knowledge and skills required by the telecommunications industry.

Goals and Objectives
  • To become familiar with the physical and symbolic appearance of DC and AC circuit components.
  • To understand the fundamental relationship between voltage, current, and resistance through the application of Ohm's law.
  • To learn the basic operation of DC and AC circuits.
  • To learn the basics of capacitance and inductance effects on wave forms.
  • To learn how to construct and measure circuits using software.

  • AIT109  Global Telecom Essentials

    Course Materials
    Required Books and Materials
    • Other Materials - TI 36X PRO Calculator (ISBN: 36PRO/TBL/1L1)
    • Book - The Science of Electronics DC/AC (ISBN: 978-0-13--087565-5), 1st Edition
    • Lab Kit - SC-100 Electronic Kit (Order from Bookstore only), 1st Edition
    • Software - Circuit Lab (ISBN: aaaaaa12345)
    Optional Books and Materials


    Required materials sent to you after the beginning of class


    Course Topics
    Units, Voltage, Current  Week 1 Quiz 
    Resistance, Ohm’s Law, Power, Energy  Week 2 Quiz 
    DC Series Circuits  Week 3 Quiz 
    DC Parallel Circuits  Week 4 Quiz 
    DC Series-Parallel Circuits  Week 5 Quiz 
    Diodes  Week 6 Quiz
    Proctored Midterm Exam 
    Digital Circuits  Week 7 Quiz 
    Alternating Current and Voltage  Week 8 Quiz 
    Capacitance  Week 9 Quiz 
    10  Inductance  Week 10 Quiz 
    11  RLC Circuit Response  Week 11 Quiz 
    12  Resonance, Transformers  Proctored Final Exam 

    Proctor Information

    Please note that this course requires a proctor. You can read more about the proctoring program and steps needed to obtain an approved proctor by clicking on this link:  Proctoring Program.


    There will be a maximum of two proctored examinations for this course. Specific details will be provided once classes begin under the COURSE INFORMATION section of Blackboard.

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