CRN: 20715

Credits : 4


This course will provide students with the foundation on which to build and improve communication skills for the technical workplace, concentrating on techniques that will help them write quickly and efficiently. Students will create business and technical correspondence, technical reports, user manuals, and technical instructions. Students will have an opportunity to write collaboratively in an online environment.

Goals and Objectives

·         To learn basic business and technical communication skills.

·         To select appropriate writing style, tone, language, structure, and document format.

·         To create business letters and memos for the telecommunications and electronics industries.

·         To create and send email messages using proper "Netiquette."

·         To write informal and semi-formal technical reports. 

·         To write formal technical definitions.

·         To write technical instructions and manuals.

·         To use document design techniques and graphics, tables, and charts to illustrate, explain, and summarize data.

·         To write collaboratively.

  • ENG120  Critical Writing

    Course Materials
    Required Books and Materials
    • Book - Technically Write Canadian 8th Ed (ISBN: 9780132158855), 8th Edition
    Optional Books and Materials
    • Book - Technically Write! (ISBN: 9780131148789), 6th edition Edition
    Required materials sent to you after the beginning of class


    Course Topics
    The Technical Writing Process, Using the Pyramid Method   Theory Questions  
    Using the Pyramid Method for Technical Correspondence
    Technical Writing Techniques 
    Writing Techniques Exercises  
    Using the Pyramid Method for Technical Correspondence, contd.
    Technical Writing Techniques 
    Writing Techniques Exercises and Written Correspondence Exercise 
    Group Revision Project
    Writing Collaboratively 
    Writing Techniques Exercises and Written Memo Revision Exercise Group Project 
    Collaborative Online Writing Theory
    Technical Definitions 
    Writing Techniques Exercises and Technical Definition Exercises
    Online Discussion 
    Correspondence Analysis and Review, Informal Technical Reports  Online Discussion 
    Informal Technical Reports   Written Reports Exercise 
    Illustrating Technical Documents
    Document Design 
    Document Design Exercise 
    User Manuals and Technical Instructions   
    10  User Manuals and Technical Instructions   Written Instruction Sheet Exercise Group Project 
    11  User Manuals and Technical Instructions  Written User Manual Exercise Group Project 
    12  Final Examination  Proctored Final Examination 

    Proctor Information

    Please note that this course requires a proctor. You can read more about the proctoring program and steps needed to obtain an approved proctor by clicking on this link:  Proctoring Program.


    There will be a maximum of one proctored examination for this course. Specific details will be provided once classes begin under the COURSE INFORMATION section of Blackboard.

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