CRN: 71066

Credits : 2


This FALL 2020 class will run from:

September 10th to October 21, 2020.
(6 weeks)

This course covers in-depth the advanced features of spreadsheet programs.  Emphasis is placed on using spreadsheets to solve problems. Topics include: good spreadsheet design, graphing, working with financial tools and analytical functions, automating spreadsheets with macros, exploring what-if alternatives with pivot tables and charts, data tables, Goal Seek, Solver and Scenarios, using database functions, and developing an Excel application. 

Goals and Objectives

Emerging students will be able to:


·         Use Excel in a proficient manner to manage data

o   Navigate easily and efficiently within and between worksheets

o   Correctly enter text, dates, numbers, and formulas into a worksheet

o   Edit a worksheet by deleting and inserting data, changing the size of columns and rows, inserting, moving and renaming worksheets


·         Use Excel to develop professional-looking workbooks for personal and business use

o   Use Excel to enter formulas to perform statistical and financial calculations

o   Use Excel financial, statistical, logical, data and time, database, and lookup and reference functions

o   Work with relative, absolute, and mixed references

o   Format data using appropriate number styles

o   Format text using fonts, borders, and colors

o   Add headers and footers


·         Use Excel Charts to present and analyze data

o   Choose the appropriate chart type

o   Create and modify charts

o   Add and modify drawing objects to charts and worksheets


·         Use Excel to manage lists of data

o   Create and maintain a range list of data

o   Sort and filter data in a list

o   Summarize data in a list

o   Apply conditional formatting

o   Summarize a list with a Pivot Table and a Pivot Chart

·                          Use Excel to work with multiple worksheets and workbooks

o   Create and work with worksheet groups

o   Consolidate information from multiple worksheets using 3-D references

o   Create, store, and access workbook templates

o   Create a link to data in a separate workbook

o   Use lookup tables and lookup functions


·         Develop an Excel application

o   Define cell names and range names

o   Set validation criteria

o   Protect a worksheet and the workbook

  • AIT107  Computer Applications

    Course Materials

    Course Topics
    Getting Started with Excel and Fomatting Workbook Text and Data  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 
    Large Worksheets, Charting, What-If Analysis  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 
    Performing Calculations with Formulas and Functions  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 
    Working with Excel Tables, PivotTables and PivotCharts  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 
    Managing Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 
    Developing an Excel Application  Quiz, homework assignment, discussion board question 

    Proctor Information

    Please note that this course does NOT require a proctor. You can read more about the proctoring program and steps needed to obtain an approved proctor by clicking on this link:  Proctoring Program. 


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