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Science 230 is a fully online course that addresses environmental issues currently faced by humankind.  There are no science prerequisites for the course.  The course requires that the student be interested in the environment and able to read The New York Times, either in print or online, for articles on the environment.  The course requires two or three writing assignments every week, reading chapters in the book, watching online videos and reading posted lectures.  There will also be some at-home exercises for you to do and write up. There are deadlines for all assignments.

Goals and Objectives

Objective of Course:  At the end of this course, the student should be more aware of the environment around themselves and of the Earth in general.  The student should be able to find sources of information about environmental situations.  The student should be able to analyze newspaper articles and give critical reviews within a specified framework.

Learning Objectives:
Recognize the range of environmental issues in the news
Be able to identify ecosystems and how they function interactively
Be able to look at lifestyles relative to sustainability
Consider energy alternatives, citing benefits and costs of each
Recognize the human impact upon the Earth
Appreciate the abundance of clean water in the US and how it stays that way
Recognize waste treatment options and waste reduction.

  • AIT107  Computer Applications

    Course Materials

    Course Topics
    Chapter 1, 5 - Introduction Ecology   
    Chapters 3, 4 - Ecosystems in Balance   
    Chapter 6 - Sustaining Wild Species  First test (not proctored) 
    Chapters 11, 12 - Soils and Agriculture   
    Chapter 13 - Composting, Pesticides   
    Chapters 8, 9 - Human Population  Proctored Midterm 
    Chapter 10 - Drinking Water Supply and Treatment   
    Chapter 20 - Sewage Treatment & History   
    Chapters18, 19 - Air and Air Pollution - Causes/Cures  Third test (not proctored) 
    10  Chapters 14, 15, 16 - Energy   
    11  Chapter 21 - Solid Wastes and Recycling   
    12  Chapter 23 - Sustainable Communities and Lifestyle  Proctored Final Exam 

    Proctor Information
    Please note that this course requires a proctor for two of the four tests.  You can read more about the proctoring program and the steps needed to obtain an approved proctor by clicking on this link:  Proctoring Program. There are no study aids (book,notes, other Internet connection) allowed during the proctored exams and the time limit is 90 minutes for the fifty questions.

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