Early Fall 2020

Classes begin 09/10/2020 and run through 12/02/2020. Registration ends 08/26/2020 for first time students and 08/26/2020 for returning students.

Before registering for any class, please review Pace/NACTEL Policies on Attendance and our Grading Policies including Academic Integrity Policy .

Note that all first time students are required to take the Online Seminar . This two-week orientation course will introduce you to the Blackboard software used for Pace's online classes.

To access a complete course description, simply select the course that interests you from the table below:

  Course Number Course Name
  AIT103 Online Seminar I
  AIT107 Computer Applications - Using Microsoft Office
  AIT235 Telecommunications II / Signal Transmission for Telecommunications
  AIT371 Fiber Optics
  CIS102N Introduction to Project Management
  CIT211 Introduction to Computer System Hardware
  CIT231 Web Authoring and Digital Media
  CIT251 Computer Security Overview
  CIT252 Overview of Network & Internet Security
  CIT365 Mobile Device Forensics
  ENG120 Critical Writing
  INT196B Prior Learning Assessment Seminar
  INT196P Making the Connections: Telecommunications Workers and 20th Century U.S. Labor History
  MAT117 Elementary Statistics
  MAT125 Technical Math I
  MCA221 Professional Communication
  PSY257 Sports Psychology
  SCI230 Elements of Environmental Science

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