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  Registration - What You'll Need

To register for a class, simply access the Online Registration Form. Here is what you'll need to know before you register.
  • The Registration Form is password protected, so you'll need your User ID and Password. This is the same as you used to access your assessments. If you've lost or forgotten your User ID and Password, you can access it via our Password Recovery system.

  • Know which courses you intend to take. It is a good idea to write down what you want to take first to be sure you're signing up for the right course.
  • Understand the Tuition Assistance policies of your company fully, and whether or not you will need a voucher. If you need to know who to contact, complete our Tuition Information Request Form.
  • You may take a maximum of 11 credits per semester.
That's it! So, register for classes now and best of luck in your studies.
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