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No. 286 The Rule Of Six: Prime Number Sieving Algorithm Using 6K±1
Alex Lieberman, Christopher Tino, Christopher Marino
October 2014
No. 285 The Second Annual Community College Programming Contest: The Problems Used and the Problem Not Used
The Programming Contest Team
No. 284 On the k-ary Tree Combinatorics
Sung-Hyuk Cha
No. 283 The Photophone
Sylvester L. Tuohy
No. 282 Cloud Computing in the Curricula of Schools of Computer Science and Information Systems
James P. Lawler
No. 281 Computing Parity of Combinatorial Functions
Sung-Hyuk Cha
No. 280 Recursive Algorithm for Generating Partitions of an Integer
Sung-Hyuk Cha
No. 279 Topics in Elliptic Curves of Cryptography
N. A. Carella
No. 278 Creating with Web 2.0: A Course Designed to Build Interdisciplinary Alliances
Linda Jo Calloway
No. 277 The Trend toward Online Project-Oriented Capstone Courses
Charles C. Tappert, Allen Stix
No. 276 Performance of a Long-Text-Input Keystroke Biometric Authentication System Using an Improved k-Nearest-Neighbor Classification Method
Robert S. Zack, Charles C. Tappert, Sung-Hyuk Cha
No. 275 The Prealgorithmic Basis for the Mechanization of Face-to-Face Interaction
Susan M. Merritt, Donald Berkowitz, Morris Perry
No. 274 The First Annual Community College Programming Contest: The Problems Used and the Problems Not Used
Sylvester Tuohy, Bernice Houle
No. 273 Educating Information Systems Students on Business Process Management (BPM) through Digital Gaming Metaphors of Virtual Reality
James P. Lawler, Anthony Joseph
No. 272 The DPS in Computing - The First Ten Years
Fred Grossman, Charles Tappett, Joe Bergin, Susan M. Merritt
No. 271 The Electro-Magnetic Field
Ronald I. Frank
No. 270 Security Programming Problem-Solving: Putting More Security into the Curriculum
Westchester CS Faculty
No. 269 An example of "Algorithmic Thinking"
Ronald I. Frank
No. 268 Obtaining Biometric ROC Curves from a Non-Parametric Classifier in a Long-Text-Input Keystroke Authentication Study
Robert S. Zack, Charles C. Tappert, Sung-Hyuk Cha, et al.
No. 267 ROC Curves for Multivariate Biometric Matching Models
Sung-Hyuk Cha, Charles C. Tappert
No. 266 Simulations of Finite-State Automata Using the Standard Template Library - Variation on a Theme Using C++
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 265 Summative Assessment of Baccalaureate Computer Science: The Graduating Senior Test - Version 2
The Seidenberg Faculty
No. 264 Summative Assessment of Baccalaureate Computer Science: The Graduating Senior Test - Version 1
The Seidenberg Faculty
No. 263 Simulations of Finite-State Automata Using Java 6.0; Part Three: Generalizations
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 262 Critical Success Factors in the Planning of a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Strategy for Educators and Managers
James Lawler, Virginia Benedict, H. Howell-Barber, Anthony Joseph
No. 261 Teamwork: Understandings and Resources from the Seidenberg School
The CSIS Assessment Team
No. 260 Simulations of Finite-State Automata Using Java 6.0; Part Two: Advanced Topics
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 259 Testing Software Quality Assurance by Encouraging Student Contributions to an Open Source Web-based System for the Assessment of Programming Assignments
Olly Gotel, Christelle Scharff, Andrew Wildenberg
No. 258 Cooperative Education: A Critical Link between Post Secondary Education and Beyond
Anthony Joseph, Mabel Payne
No. 257 A Study of the Impact of Dress Model Technology on Intention to Buy on Evolving e-CRM European Union Web Sites
James Lawler, Anthony Joseph, Pascale Vandepeutte
No. 256 Simulations of Finite-State Automata Using Java 6.0; Part One: Preliminaries
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 255 Terminology of Objects, Classes, and Related Ideas
Ronald I. Frank
No. 254 Identification Numbers and the Mathematics of Check Digit Schemes for Computer Scientists - II (ISBN-13 and EANs)
Michael L. Gargano, Mary F. Courtney
No. 253 Applying Abstraction to Master Complexity
Jonathan Hill, Bernice J. Houle, Susan M. Merritt, Allen Stix
No. 252 Adult Cultural Numeracy from Pre-Arithmetic to Fractions & Decimals
Ronald I. Frank
No. 251 LZW
Sylvester L. Tuohy
No. 250 A Critical Learning Skill
Ronald I. Frank
No. 249 Methodology for Educating Information Systems Students on the New Paradigm of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Technology
James P. Lawler, H. Howell-Barber
No. 248 Implementation of Rotations in AVL Trees Using java.util
Nicholas J. De Lillo, Randall Swan
No. 247 Using the Dialog Charts Grammar to Complement the Unified Modeling Language to Create Working Prototypes
Linda Jo Calloway
No. 246 A Virtual Instructor Service-Oriented Architecture for Teaching Robotics in Mixed Reality
Jayfus T. Doswell, Pauline H. Mosley
No. 245 The Interplay of Student Projects and Student-Faculty Research
Charles C. Tappert, Allen Stix, Sung-Hyuk Cha
No. 244 An Exploratory Study of Apparel Dress Model Technology on European Web Sites
James Lawler, Pascale Vandepeutte, Anthony Joseph
No. 243 A Hybrid Evolutionary Approach to Solving the Archaeological Seriation Problem
Michael L. Gargano, Lorraine Lurie
No. 242 How to Make Double-Clickable Java Applications
Allen Stix, Mary F. Courtney
No. 241 Consensus of Phylogenetic Trees Using Genetic Algorithms
Michael L. Gargano
No. 240 Debunking the Myth of the Anti-Social Gamer Stereotype
Therese B. LaMarche
No. 239 Minimal Edge-Ordering Spanning Trees Using a Self-Adapting Genetic Algorithm with Multiple Genomic Representations
Richard Harvey, Michael L. Gargano
No. 238 Critical Success Factors for Managing an Information Security Awareness Program
Robert Yanus, Namchul Shin
No. 237 Feasible Task Schedules with Minimum Project Cost Solved by a Genetic Algorithm
Michael L. Gargano, Louis V. Quintas
No. 236 A Channel-Change Game for Multiple Interfering Cognitive Wireless Networks
Roli G. Wendorf, Howard Blum
No. 235 Digital Relationships in the 'My Space' Generation: Results from a Qualitative Study
Catherine Dwyer
No. 234 Note on Integer Factoring Methods I
N.A. Carella
No. 233 A Study of Data Mining and Information Ethics in the Development of Information Systems Professionals
James Lawler, John C. Molluzzo
No. 232 Discovering Boundaries for Mobile Awareness: An Analysis of Relevant Design Factors
Catherine Dwyer, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Quentin Jones
No. 231 A Brief Introduction to Game Theory
Dietrich Fischer
No. 230 Discovering Effective, Comprehensible Data Classification Rules Using Hybrid Evolutionary / Swarm Models for Data Mining
Bora Uran, Michael L. Gargano
No. 229 Rank Aggregation for Metasearch Engines Using a Self-Adaptating Genetic Algorithm with Multiple Genomic Representations
Michael L. Gargano, Maheswara Prasad Kasinadhuni
No. 228 Analyzing Shape Context Using the Hamiltonian Cycle
Carl E. Abrams, Sung-Hyuk Cha, Charles C. Tappert
No. 227 Building a Steganography Program - Including How to Load, Process, and Save JPEG and PNG files in Java
Mary F. Courtney, Allen Stix
No. 226 A Study of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) on Apparel European Web Sites
James Lawler, Pascale Vandepeutte, Dennis Anderson
No. 225 Implementation of Graphs Using java.util - Part Two : Weighted Graphs, Spanning Trees, and Shortest Paths
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 224 Implementation of Graphs Using java.util - Part One : Preliminary Concepts
Nicholas J. De Lillo
No. 223 An Application of Star Polynomials to Discrete Random Allocation Problems
Edward J. Farrell, Michael L. Gargano, L. V. Quintas
No. 222 Constructions of Connected Graphs with a Given Matchable Ratio
Edward J. Farrell, Michael L. Gargano, L. V. Quintas
No. 221 Thinking Through Computing: The Power of Learning Communities
Christelle Scharff, Harold Brown
No. 220 Biometrics and Its Use in Forensics
Jason Bernard Thompson
No. 219 The D.P.S. in Computing Program - A View from the Start and An Assessment Following Its Fifth Year
Susan M. Merritt, Fred Grossman, Charles C. Tappert
No. 218 What Is Research?
Ronald I. Frank
No. 217 Community Empowerment through Student Engagement in a Flexible Model of Service Learning in Information Systems Curricula
James Lawler, Zheng Li
No. 216 Redesigning Web Design
Pauline Mosley
No. 215 Paintable Graphs and Paintable Graphs II: Trees and Product Graphs
Michael L. Gargano, Marty Lewinter, Joseph F. Malerba
No. 214 An Overview of Extensible Markup Language
Carol E. Wolf
No. 213 Intrusion Detection and Response System Generator
Bel G. Raggad
No. 212 A Study of Web Services Strategy in the Financial Services Industry
Dennis Anderson, Hortense Howell-Barber, Jonathan Hill, Nasir Javed, James Lawler, Zheng Li
No. 211 Topics in the Theory and Practice of the AES Algorithm
Nelson A. Carella
No. 210 Enhancing Binary Feature Vector Similarity Measures
Sung-Hyuk Cha, Sungsoo Yoon, Charles C. Tappert
No. 209 Evolving Efficient Security Systems Under Budget Constraints Using Genetic Algorithms
Michael L. Gargano, William Edelson, Paul Benjamin, Paul Meisinger, Maheswara Kasinadhuni, Joseph DeCicco
No. 208 Security Informatics: A Paradigm Shift in Information Technology Education
Susan M. Merritt, Allen Stix, Judith E. Sullivan
No. 207 Monitoring and Supporting Collaborative Groups to Enhance Student Outcomes
Anthony Joseph, Mabel Payne
No. 206 A Study of Customer Relationship Management in Financial Services on the Web
James Lawler, Dennis Anderson, Eric Rosenberg
No. 205 How Useful is IS 2002? A Case Study Applying the Model Curriculum
Catherine Dwyer, Constance A. Knapp
No. 204 A Review of Logic for Computer Professionals
Ronald I. Frank
No. 203 Interactive Flag Identification Using Image retrieval Techniques
Eduardo K. Hart, Sung-Hyuk Cha, Charles C. Tappert
No. 202 An Investigation Of The Methodologies of Business Process Reengineering
Mihail Stoica, Nimit Chawat, Namchul Shin
No. 201 A Simple Client-Server Application
Carol E. Wolf
No. 200 Antecedents of e-Commerce Effectiveness in the 21st Century Economy
Dennis Anderson, James Lawler, Mohamed Elkassas,Jonathan Hill
No. 199 An Edge Partition Problem Concerning Perfect Matches and Spanning Trees in Linear Polygonal Chains
Edward J. Farrell, Michael L. Gargano, Louis V. Quintas
No. 198 Research Incubator: Combinatorial Optimization
Lixin Tao
No. 197 Customer Loyalty and Privacy Synthesis Model
James P. Lawler
No. 196 Interactive Visual System
Arthur Evans,John Sikorski,Patricia Thomas,Jie Zou,George Nagy,Sung-Hyuk Cha,Charles Tappert
No. 195 Lessons from the ALN Home Front: Observations from Pace University 2003 NACTEL Graduates about Online Learning and the Relation of those Comments to Educational Learning Theory
David Sachs
No. 194 Identification Numbers and the Mathematics of Check Digit Schemes for Computer Scientists
Michael Gargano, Mary Courtney
No. 193 A Generating Function that Counts the Combinatorial Full-Span Sub Array Structure of a Regular Array with Some Applications to APL
Ronald I. Frank
No. 192 Questions from the February 2003 CSIS Programming Competition
CSIS Faculty
No. 191 Quantum Computing(QC) and Quantum Information(QI) Curriculum (Why? Now? Never?)
Ronald I. Frank
No. 190 Quadratic Nonresidues and Applications
Nelson A. Carella
No. 189 The Performance of Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks in Unambiguous and Ambiguous Learning Situations
Melissa K. Carroll
May '03
No. 188 Group Dynamics and Collaborative Group Performance
Anthony Joseph, Mabel Payne
April '03
No. 187 Java Servlets, Access Databases, and a Stand Alone Server
Carol E. Wolf
March '03
No. 186 Undergraduate Preferences for Courses Offered Online
Linda Jo. Calloway, Leyton D. Murray
Feb. '03
No. 185 Implementing Hashing Using Separate Chaining in Java
Timothy M. Dietrich, Nicholas J. DeLillo
Jan. '03
No. 184 An Efficient Multiway Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithm for VLSI Layout
Lixin Tao
Dec. '02
No. 183 Random Graph Process Models for Angiogenesis
Louis V. Quintas, Eric M. Wahl
Nov. '02
No. 182 Students Develop Real-World Computer Information Systems
Charles C. Tappert
Oct. '02
No. 181 JCreator "Just-In-Time" Tips
Ronald I. Frank
Sept. '02
No. 180 On the Theory of Integers Factorization
Nelson A. Carella
Aug. '02
No. 179 The Flavor of Research in Graph Theory: Four Papers at the Leading Edge
Krystyna T. Balinska, Michael L. Gargano, Louis V. Quintas, Jeff Rubens, Marty Lewinter, Joseph F. Malerba
July '02
No. 178 The Flavor of Research in Genetic Algorithms: Four Papers on Evolving Solutions
Michael L. Gargano, Michael R. Gargano, William Edelson
July '02
No. 177 Ant Colony Paradigms
Michael R. Gargano
June '02
No. 176 Wireless Technologies in Pre-Hospital Communications-An Analysis for Northern Westchester Hospital
Hy Gia Y. Park, Joseph M. Pastore, Jr, Charles C. Tappert
May '02
No. 175 Porting an Application to J2ME,J2SE and J2EE-Experiences with End to End Java Programming
Scott Palmer, Nat Panchee, Judy Sullivan, Karen Thabet, Sten Westgard
May '02
No. 174 The Crypto-Word Game for Learning Number Systems
Ronald I. Frank
April '02
No. 173 Histogram Based Image Indexing and Retrieval
Sun-Hyuk Cha
March '02
No. 172 Strategies for Competitive Advantage in Electronic Commerce
Namchul Shin
Feb. '02
No. 171 C++ for Java Programmers
Carol E. Wolf
Jan. 2002
No. 170 The Logical Format of a Floppy Disk
Sylvester L. Tuohy
Dec. '01
No. 169 Evolving Optimal Reliability Networks Subject to Budget Constraints Using Genetic Algorithms
Zhong Su Chen, Michael L. Gargano, Hong Zhang
Nov. '01
No. 168 Application Service Provider Model: Perspectives and Challenges
Lixin Tao
Oct. '01
No. 167 Exception Handling in Java: the try/catch/finally Statement
The Asynchronous CS 502 and CS 504 Development Team
Sept. '01
No. 166 Recent Advances in Pen Computing
Charles C. Tappert, Pauline H. Mosley
Aug. '01
No. 165 The Totient Function of Composite Integers n=pq
Nelson A. Carella
July '01
No. 164 A Simple Story of the Evolution of New Understandings in Computer Science
Susan M. Merritt
June '01
No. 163 Recurrence Relations and Sums of Powers of Integer Sequences
Michael L. Gargano, John W. Kennedy, Louis V. Quintas
May '01
No. 162 Generic Invariant-Based Static Analysis Tools for Detection of Runtime Errors in Java Programs
Sotiris Skevoulis, Xiaoping Jia
April '01
No. 161 Design Patterns for Sorting
Dung ("Zung") Nguyen, Stephen B. Wong
March '01
No. 160 A Simulator for a Priority Queue of Processes Using STL
Nicholas J. De Lillo, Sean M. Tynan
Feb. '01
No. 159 Web Publishing Getting Started on the Web
Joseph A. Bergin
Jan. '01