SSCSIS M.S. in Computer Science Master's Thesis Listing Students in the MS in Computer Science program who have a GPA of 3.75 or higher may elect to pursue in-depth research in an area of interest and write a master's thesis under faculty supervision. The thesis satisfies the capstone requirement for the degree.

The following list illustrates the broad range of topics selected by MS in Computer Science students over the years:
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1 Alrowaili, Reem   Movie Genre Recognition 2019
2 Bloom, Michael   Web Scraping to Protect Power Utility Entities 2015
3 Yue, Hong   Building a Virtual 3D World Model for a Mobile Robot 2015
4 Klingberg, Rachel   Computational Support for the Evaluation of Facial Expressions in Photographs 2013
5 Brooks, Teresa   MyFIDO: AI Based RSS Feed Aggregator 2010
6 Kopp, John   Towards a Multi-Dimensional Framework for Assessing the Value of Software Projects 2009
7 Shefer, Lior   Vmoox: Cross-platform Video Publishing Solution for Mobile Devices 2009
8 Cayenne-McCall, Lawrence   Synchronous 3D Document Collaboration 2008
9 Patel, Siddtharth   p2nSpeech: A Cognitive Architecture Approach to Robot Voice Control and Response 2008
10 Hammond, Brian   A Computer Vision Tangible User Interface for Mixed Reality Billiards 2007
11 Misev, Dimitar   A Comparative Study of Performance for J2EE Data Access Technologies 2007
12 Singh, Eshwar   Comparative Economic Forecasting with Neural Networks: Forecasting Aggregate Business Sales from S & P 500 and Interest Rates 2007
13 Bathla, Samir   A Framework for Aggregating, Organizing, and Searching RSS Feeds 2006
14 Zimmerer, Andreas   Buiding an Ad-Hoc Windows Cluster for Scientific Computer 2006
15 Capraro, Meredith   Defining a Safe Audit Trail for Direct Record Electronic Voting Machines in New York State 2005
16 Choi, Seung-Seok   A Study on the Iris Biometric Authentication 2005
17 Gibbons, Michael   On Evaluating Open Biometric Identification Systems 2005
18 Hafstad, Kjetil   Implementing Exploits in VMSoar 2005
19 Maniampadavathu, Biju   Message Optimization Enhanced Logger System 2005
20 Pancer, Avrom   The Study of Video Game Design and the Implementation of a Game Using 3DGameStudio 2005
21 Pandit, Amogh   Ultimate Message Secrecy with Proposed Network Architecture 2005
22 Remling, Jeffrey   The Historical Survey Database 2005
23 Ryan, Michael   Enterprise System Integration with Web Services: A Case Study with a Book Broker Application 2005
24 Foure, Josh   Implementation of a Parser Generator 2004
25 Gerson, Adam   A Mac OS 10 Client for the FIBS Backgammon Server 2004
26 Huber, William   Use of Chat-room Abbreviations and Shorthand Symbols in Pen Computing 2004
27 Perumal, Archana   Boar: An Autonomous Agent for Network Intrusion Detection Analysis 2004
28 Trilok, Pasupathy Naresh   Assessing the Discriminative Power of Voice 2004
29 Follek, Robert   SoarBot: A Rule-Based System for Playing Poker 2003
30 Ribeiro, Rochelle   Secured Pace Web Server with Collaboration and Error Logging Capabilities 2003
31 Srinivasaraghavan, Priya   Pace Web Server: A Pure Java Web Server with a Servlet Container 2003
32 Ambati, Jagadeesh   Web Analytics: Understanding User Behavior and Improving Web Site Performance Based on Analytics Derived Using AI 2002
33 Carroll, Melissa   A Comparison of Various Genetic and Non-Genetic Algorithms for Aiding the Design of an Artificial Neural Network that Learns the Wisconsin Card Sorting Test Task 2002
34 Hosalkar, Ashima   WSCR: End-to-End eMobile Application Using the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition and Micro Edition 2002
35 Armentrout, Anna   Java-DACTL: A Tool for Teaching Novice Programmers to Design and Write Java Programs with UML 1999
36 Ahuja, Jasmine   Client-Server Applications in Java 1997
37 Camillone, Michael   Implementing Concurrent Programming Facilities on a Uniprocessor Machine Using Concurrent Pascal-S 1992