The final step in the application process is the Math Skills Readiness assessment.

You must either:

  • Bypass the assessment and you will be advised to take the Academic Skills Seminar in your first semester.

  • or

  • Take the assessment - if you feel ou have a particularly strong background in math - bassed on the results ou will be advised to take either TS090 Academic Skills or MAT125 Technical Math.
If you have a particularly strong background in math, you may want to consider taking this assessment. By scoring 85% or higher, you can bypass the Academic Skills Seminar, a more introductory math course, and jump right into Technical Math.

The math assessment covers elementary algebra including logarithms and coordinate geometry of the straight line, trigonometry including sine, cosine and tangent,the Pythagorean theorem, computer mathematics including simple binary arithmetic, boolean algebra, and logic gates.

IMPORTANT: You can access the assessment only once. So, be sure you are ready before entering, and be sure to complete the entire assessment before exiting. You will not be able to return later. If you do get locked out of an assessment, contact Nactel Support. You can take the assessment, if you choose, by logging into the Student Information Center. Please plan to take or bypass your assessment soon after you apply as you will not be able to register until this step is completed.

You may view and print an Application Worksheet by selecting the specific semester below that you plan to begin studying with Pace University. This will give you some guidance for the dates by which you need to complete Assessments (if you choose to take them), register for classes and order books.

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