Before You Register

Here are some things you should know before registering for your first class.
  • You are not officially accepted into the program(matriculated) until all your transcripts have been received. But, don't worry. You can take up to 24 credits(a maximum of 11 credits each semester) prior to matriculation. That should give us plenty of time to get everything in order.
  • Before taking any full-credit course, you'll need to take the Online Seminar - a one credit course that reviews the Blackboard software that Pace uses to conduct its online classes.
  • If you choose to take the Math Skills Readiness Assessment and score 85% or more, you will most likely be advised to take Technical Math . If you choose not to take this math assessment, or if you score lower than 85%, you will be advised to take the Academic Skills Seminar or Computer Applications in your first semester.
  • Other assessments and pre-requisites apply to individual courses, so please review each course description carefully before signing up.
  • Each partner company has different tuition assistance policies, so you should also contact the appropriate department in your company before progressing to make sure you've done all you need to do. If you don't know who to contact, fill out our Tuition Information Request Form and we'll send you some more detailed information.
  • You should have made contact with your Advisor prior to registering for any classes.

When you're ready, proceed to Registration to read about courses and decide which you are going to take, keeping in mind the direction provided by your Advisor.

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