A.S. in Telecom.
A.S. in Networking
A.S. in Wireless
A.S. in Video
A.S. in Mobile
A.S. in Cyber Security
  Associates of Science In Applied Information Technology, Cyber Security Track

University Core (General Education) Courses

You will need a total of 31 University Core (General Education) credits - 17 credits from the required Foundation courses listed below and another 14 credits of General Education electives. You can link from the grid into a complete course description.

  Course   Foundation (General Education) Required Courses* (17 Credits)   Credits   Required
  AIT103   Online Seminar I   1   R  
  AIT107   Computer Applications   4   R  
  ENG120   Critical Writing   4   R  
  MAT117   Elementary Statistics   4   R  
  MAT125   Technical Math I   4   R  

  Course   General Education Elective Courses* (14 Credits)   Credits   Required
  CHE105   Consumer Chemistry   4   E  
  HIS113W   The American Experience: Wealth and American Culture   4   E  
  HIS267   Heroes, Villains and Just Plain Folks: A Biographical Perspective on American History   4   E  
  INT196B   Prior Learning Assessment Seminar   2   E  
  INT196C   Integrity Issues in Telecommunications   4   E  
  INT196P   Making the Connections: Telecommunications Workers and 20th Century U.S. Labor History   4   E  
  LIT196H   Topic: Literature of the Supernatural   4   E  
  LIT196N   American Detective Fiction   4   E  
  LIT200C   Global Crossings: Challenge & Change In Modern World Literature   4   E  
  LIT343A   Contemporary American Literature   4   E  
  MCA209   Understanding Mass Media   4   E  
  MCA221   Professional Communication   4   E  
  MUS110   Jazz   4   E  
  PSY196   Critical Thinking and Problem Solving   4   E  
  PSY201   Psychology of Business and Industry   4   E  
  PSY256Y   Psychology of Personal Adjustment   4   E  
  PSY257   Sports Psychology   4   E  
  PSY296H   Psychology of the Movies   4   E  
  PSY297   Principles of Psychology as Depicted in the Cinema   4   E  
  PSY323Y   Psychology of Learning   4   E  
  SCI150A   Astronomy   4   E  
  SCI230   Elements of Environmental Science   4   E  

Major Concentration Courses

You will need a total of 33 credits in your Major Concentration - 33 credits in required courses. Below please find a list of courses with links to a complete course description.

  Course   Major Required Courses* (33 Credits)   Credits   Required
  AIT109   Global Telecom Essentials
  4   R  
  AIT120   Business and Technical Communications for Telecommunications
  4   R  
  AIT235   Telecommunications II / Signal Transmission for Telecommunications
  4   R  
  CIT201   Introduction to Programming Using Python
  3   R  
  CIT211   Introduction to Computer System Hardware
  4   R  
  CIT221   Global Networking Technology
  4   R  
  CIT251   Computer Security Overview
  4   R  
  CIT252   Overview of Network & Internet Security
  3   R  
  CIT254   Computer Forensics
  3   R  
*Not every course will be offered every term

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