A.S. in Telecom.
A.S. in Networking
A.S. in Wireless
A.S. in Video
A.S. in Mobile
A.S. in Cyber Security
  Academic Requirements

Pace University/NACTEL Associate's Degree programs include six online learning opportunities listed below.

To earn one of the Associates degrees, you will need to complete 64 credits. These credits are broken down as follows:
  • University Core (General Education), 32 credits
  • Major Concentration, 32 credits
  • Supporting Courses, 4 credits
Each of the certificate programs requires 20 credits. However, depending on the results of your assessments - you may be required to take some foundation courses before registering for any courses specific to a certificate.

To learn more about the courses required and breakdown of credits for each of the Pace University/NACTEL programs, please review the following grids:
The courses for each certificate are part of an associated degree program. Often foundation courses are required prior to beginning the certificate courses. Please consult the course descriptions for the courses comprising a certificate to determine the prerequisites for each certificate course.

Since the Pace University/NACTEL programs are part-time, students can take up to 11 credits each semester. There are three semesters each year with five start times that generally run as follows:
  • The early spring semester starts in January
  • The late spring semester starts in February
  • The summer semester starts in May
  • The early fall semester starts in September
  • The late fall semester starts in October
This means the Associates degree can take approximately 3-4 years to complete and the certificates can take 2-3 years each, depending on how quickly you want to study and the availability of classes.

To graduate with an Associates degree or to receive a certificate, you must have an overall cumulative QPA of 2.0, as well as a minimum QPA of 2.0 in your Major Concentration courses.

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