Prior Learning Assessments

Many of our students come to the
Pace University/NACTEL program with either a number of year's experience in the industry or with some prior training. Because of that, Pace has created a Prior Learning Assessment system designed to allow you to earn credit based on knowledge you've acquired through work or other non-credit bearing training or classes.

Prior Learning Assessment does not include the transfer of credits earned at other accredited institutions.

As this type of assessment is conducted on a course-by-course basis, you will need to create and submit a separate portfolio for each course you wish to by-pass. Portfolios are then evaluated by Pace faculty with expertise in the subject matter. All training or prior learning must be directly related to individual course work within the Pace University/NACTEL program.

Since this can be an overwhelming and complicated task, Pace has created a special 2 credit Prior Learning Seminar that will walk you through this process.

If you only have one or two courses for which you'd like credit, you might opt to take a Proficiency Exam for individual classes. The cost for each exam is equal to one credit, and you much receive a score of 85% or better to be awarded credit and allowed to by-pass the course. Exams must be proctored, and the time and date pre-arranged.

These assessments are designed not only to illustrate that you possess sufficient knowledge and skill in a specific area, but also to ensure that you have the foundation necessary for successful completion of the Pace University/NACTEL program.

To take a Proficiency Exam or to register for the Prior Learning Seminar, submit a request in writing to your Advisor.

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