Pace has developed a student proctoring system designed to maintain the integrity of the the Pace University/NACTEL program. We find it to everyone's benefit (NACTEL's, Pace's and yours) to periodically verify student identification.

The proctoring system requires that designated proctors supervise and administer various examinations throughout your courses. The intent of this program is to help us verify that the person who completed the exam followed all necessary guidelines and is actually the individual receiving credit for the course.

As a student, you will be asked to select an individual who will be available to proctor your exams based on a set of guidelines you will be provided upon registering for courses. Pace will then review the application, and approve and record your selection.

Some examples of possible proctors include:
  • Supervisor within your or any telecommunications firm
  • Resource/General Manager within your or any telecommunications firm
  • Corporate Instructor within your or any telecommunications firm
  • Union Representative/Steward within the telecommunications industry
  • President/Vice-President of your or any telecommunications firm
  • Principal or Superintendent of an Educational Institution, either public or private
  • Official Testing Service of an Accredited University or College
  • Certified College Instructor
  • School Guidance Counselor
  • Librarian
  • Military Educational Officer
  • Clergy
  • Law Enforcement Officer (Sergeant, Lieutenant or Captain only)
  • Official Learning/Tutoring Center
Proctors cannot be relatives, co-workers or other students in the Pace University/NACTEL program.

Once you've selected a proctor, you'll need to complete an online proctor application form. This should then be printed out and given to your proctor to be notarized and sent back to Pace University. Pace will then review and approve your selection.

It will be your responsibility to coordinate times to meet with your proctor for a scheduled exam or assignment. Once you register for a course requiring proctoring, you will have access to detailed Proctor Examination Information that will let you know which tests and assignments will require a proctor, and when they are due. Typically, only one or two examinations per course will require the supervision of a proctor.

Proctor Application Process

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