Program Description

Since most of our students work full time, the Pace University/NACTEL programs are part-time, and students can take up to 11 credits each semester. All credits earned will transfer into a four-year Bachelor degree program depending on the transfer policies of the individual institution.

By enrolling, you can expect:

  • access to courses five times each calendar year - roughly early spring, late spring, summer, early fall and late fall;
  • courses led by instructors with weekly assignments and deadlines;
  • to spend between 12-16 hours per week on each course;
  • to use a variety of media, including the Internet to access Blackboard - our courseware. Here you will find course materials and external resources, email and discussion boards for communication, traditional textbooks and, in some cases, streaming media to support lecture notes;
  • mid-terms, finals and group projects;
  • to find and establish a relationship with a proctor to administer certain exams and assignments throughout your participation with the Pace University/NACTEL programs;
  • access to mentors and tutors ­ who are either involved in the program, the telecommunications industry or specialists in the subject matter of a particular class.

The purpose of the Associates degree program specifically is to give you:
  • the ability to analyze and solve complex technical problems as well as document and communicate technical information;
  • enhanced computer hardware and software knowledge and skills;
  • enhanced computer networking knowledge and skills;
  • hands-on experience with telecommunications technology;
  • experience using technology as a learning format.

The Introduction to Telecommunications Certificate provides entry-level knowledge into the telecommunications industry, and the Telecommunications Essentials Certificate provides more specific electronics training. For an in-depth glimpse of online learning and the Pace University/NACTEL program, visit About Online Learning.

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