Program Timetable

The Pace University/NACTEL programs are part-time and students can take up to 11 credits per semester. There are three semesters each year with five start times that generally run as follows:

  • The early spring semester starts in January
  • The late spring semester starts in February
  • The summer semester starts in May
  • The early fall semester starts in September
  • The late fall semester starts in October

It is not likely that you will take courses in each of the five semesters offered in a given year as the spring and fall semesters typically overlap and not all courses are available in every semester. Based on this, it can take approximately 3-4 years to complete the Associates degree and possibly 2-3 years to complete either of the certificates.

Semesters usually run about 15 weeks, depending on the course and holidays. You can visit our Calendar to get a clearer picture of when each semester starts, and when you need to register.

You can also get more detail on the courses you'll need to earn your Associates degree or one of the certificates, or you can get started by going straight on to Admission.

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