Student Services Overview

The following describes the services available to students enrolled in the Pace University/NACTEL program.

If you are a student and need to access these resources, please go directly to the Student Services area.

When you apply for any of Pace University/NACTEL programs, you'll never have to make important decisions on your own. Your Advisor is trained to help guide you through the degree and certificate programs to ensure you are as successful as possible.

Proctor Information & Forms
The Proctoring System that Pace University has developed will incorporate designated proctors, selected by you and approved by Pace, to supervise and administer various examinations throughout your course(s). When you become a student, you will have access to guidelines and all the necessary forms needed to find and select your proctor as well as complete proctored exams.

Library Services
As a student at Pace University, you will have access to all our online library services as well as resources designed specifically for Pace University/NACTEL participants.

Pace University has made it easy for you to order the books you need for each course you take. Simply access the Bookstore and identify which courses you are taking. You can purchase the books online or via a toll-free number.

Prior Learning Assessment
Many of our students have been in the telecommunications industry for a number of years, and we recognize that they've probably picked up quite a bit of knowledge along the way. Pace has developed a course that will help students create a portfolio of prior learning not related to a degree or credit program. At the end of the course, this portfolio can be submitted to Pace (or any other institution) for evaluation, and some credit may be awarded.

Competency Assessments
Along the same lines, Pace will allow students to take Competency Assessments to test out of certain courses.

Help & Support
You will have access to a number of Pace University staff to help you in specific areas. For instance you will be able to:

  • Make Transfer Credit Inquiries
  • Access Forms for Changing Personal or Work-Related Information
  • Send Email to Technical Support
  • Add or Drop a Course Using an Online Form
  • Request Transcripts and/or Grade Reports
  • Make Billing Inquiries

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