Tuition & Fees

Pace University is a private institution and tuition is currently $1,282.00 per credit plus any general or course-specific fees. Discounts for the Pace University/NACTEL programs are available for employees and members of NACTEL partner companies and unions as well as for NACTEL Associate Members. For more specific information, please complete the Tuition Request Form and we will send you an email detailing tuition and fees. Students not working for one of the NACTEL partner companies are also able to get a discounted tuition rate by joining NACTEL. This can be easily done by emailing Teri Buffum to get the application (

If you do work for one of the NACTEL partner companies, you can find out who to contact regarding tuition assistance by referring to the information on the website. Some companies or tuition providers may require Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) code.
Pace University's FAFSA code is: 002792

Please be advised that if you are eligible for Tuition Reimbursement, most companies require that you submit your final grade in order to apply for reimbursement. Grades for all courses, including the Online Seminar, which is a shorter course, are issued at the end of each semester.

Other resources to consider for funding

Financial aid may be available for eligible students in the form of Stafford loans and Pell grants.

Veteran Assistance

Pace University is firmly committed to assisting veterans in pursuing higher education and is fully approved to conduct college-level education programs for veterans. As of the fall of 2009, veteran students may also be eligible to receive full coverage of tuition through our Yellow Ribbon Program.

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