There are three semesters each year with five start times that generally run as follows:
  • The early spring semester starts in January
  • The late spring semester starts in February
  • The summer semester starts in May
  • The early fall semester starts in September
  • The late fall semester starts in October
Please note that only one semester is open for Registration at any given time. Typically, Registration opens about 12 weeks before classes begin and closes about four weeks prior.

Attention New Students: The Registration period for new students closes a bit earlier so that you may register for and take the Online Seminar. This course is a 1-credit, two week course designed as an orientation to online learning in general, as well as the Blackboard software that Pace University uses to deliver its Web-based classes. You must successfully complete the Online Seminar before regular classes begin.

For those of you who are new to online learning, check out our demo classes to get a sense of some of the teaching modes used within our Blackboard courseware.

Registration for the upcoming semester is unavailable - contact your advisor for more information.

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